Organic Certification Registration


Organic certification a growing worldwide demand for organic food. Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food or other organic agricultural products.

Any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, retailers and restaurants. Generally in the organic foods genetically modified seed ,synthetic chemical inputs e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives etc. and use of farmland where chemical inputs has been used for number of years are avoided.

The object behind the organic certification is to assure quality, prevent fraud and to promote commerce.

We, S K Nagda & Company, an expert Chartered Accountants firm in Udaipur Rajasthan give consultation on the matters of how to obtain organics certification for the products in India. In India, APEDA regulates the certification of organic products as per National Standards for Organic Production.

Organic food products manufactured and exported from India are marked with the India Organic certification mark issued by the APEDA. APEDA has recognized 11 inspection certification bodies, some of which are branches of foreign certification bodies, others are local certification bodies. The best CA firm for Organic Certification Registration in Udaipur is available.

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