TUFS Consultant- Technology Upgration Fund Scheme


The objects of Govt of India for launching the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) are to motivate technology upgrading of small, micro & medium enterprises.

This scheme gives benefits for technology up gradation in MSE by offering 15% upfront capital subsidy for induction of improved and well-established technology in approved 51 subsectors/products.

With this specific scheme, the people are facilitated with 12% capital subsidy and thus small-scale industry owners will be getting enhanced support to have easy access to improved technologies.

Who Are Eligible To Get Assistance under CLCS-
  • Industries which graduate from small-scale to medium-scale with respect to additional loan sanction under CLCS will be applicable for assistance.
  • Export-oriented new sectors/Labor-intensive activities will be included in this scheme.
  • Machines brought under ‘Hire Purchase Scheme’ of NSIC are also found applicable for subsidy in this scheme.
  • The machinery or plans which are brought under the scheme is liable to get 15% support with aid of government and if any loans are approved by small-scale enterprises then it must be on/before 29th September 2005.
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