Consultants for Closing Private Limited Company


If you are not doing any business in the Private Limited Company or Pvt. Limited Company or you are regularly incurring losses in business then it is advisable to close it and look for a new business.

  • But the questions come in the way that How to close it?
  • How to wind up the Pvt. Limited Company or Private Limited Company. ?
  • What formalities are required to be completed closing the Private Limited Company or PVT Company?
  • What will be the pros and cons for closing?
  • What will happen if it is business closed?
  • Who will be involved in this process?
  • Who objects in the closing process?
  • What type of notification is required for closing of Private Limited Company?

Thus there are numbers of question which anybody can have in the mind who intend the close of the private limited company. For all these solution, the S K Nagda & Company a top Chartered Accountants firm in Udaipur is ready to help you to come out the question running in your mind. Your may take CA expert advice in Udaipur Rajasthan. We may add here the closure of the Private Limited Company is done voluntarily. There are number of procedure are involved for legally ends your involvement in the business.

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