Logo Registration Consultants


The top logo registration consultant in Udaipur Rajathan is S K Nagda & Company, Chartered Accountants.

A logo is a sign, which gives an exclusive right over the products and services you have. Your logo registration will protect the other parties from using it or branding the product. Logos plays a vital role in marketing and brand recognition. A logo is well defined tool for aware of the customer about your product or services. Logo identifies the business and logo makes your business successful and significantly more valuable once you have legalized the ownership of the logo for your service/product.

The expert team of CA in Udaipur at our firm provides the services for branding your product and logo registration.

The logo registration process involves:
  1. Searching of Logo,
  2. Filing of Logo Registraition Application
  3. Publication of LOGO Trade Mark Journal,
  4. Logo Registration Certificate
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