Share Valuation Consultancy and Certificate


"Team of Expert and qualified chartered accountants of S k Nagda & Company in Udaipur Rajasthan India will assist you in obtaining Share Valuation Certificates and their final submission to the concerned authority. Variable quantitative techniques are used for valuing shares of a company. A valuation of listed shares on a stock exchange of a public limited company’s share value can be easily identified but this is not the case of private companies hence, a valuation of shares is critical and challenging. Each entity is mandatorily required to obtain share valuation certificate from any chartered accountant / company secretary / cost accountant etc. for the purpose of Compromises, arrangements and amalgamations, Issuance of sweat equity shares, Issuance of shares to a non-resident or foreign company, Purchase of minority share holding, Proposing preferential offer and Winding up of a company.

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