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Payroll is a financial record of amount paid to an employee as salaries, wages, bonus or deduction. Outsourcing Payroll process is not only saves cost but enables you to focus on business and enable you to grow. Our expert CA team in udaipur helps in management of payroll process in a manner that would maximize salary pay-outs and minimize per employee cost and gives you peace of mind.

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Provident Fund Deductions

Periodical returns for provident fund contributions are required to be submitted by the filed employers to the Govt Authorities. Our top CA team in udaipur team possesses knowledge for this and guide you.

Employee State Insurance (ESI)

It is a social security system for providing socio-economic protection to the worker and his dependent family members. Every employer to whom the ESI scheme is applicable is required to comply with the provisions prescribed therein. Our ESI expert in udaipur Rajastha may provide advice in this regard s and helps in filing the periodic returns. Validation of ESIC Register – Computation of ESIC, Eligibility and remittance details, reparation and upload of online data and generation of challan, Generation of Insurance Number, Processing of ESIC Claims and Liaison with ESIC Department. etc.


Various obligation has been laid down on the employer under the Gratuity Act such payment of gratuity at the time of retirement, making of provision in the books as per the accounting standard, taking a scheme with the company for timely payment of gratuity etc. Our trained professionals in Udaipur Rajasthan can provide you advice in this regard.

Tax Deducted At Source (TDS)

TDS rule directs employers to deduct tax before making of payment of wages/salary/compensation to employee. It is mandatory for every employer to deduct the tax if employees’ wages/salary exceeds the exemption limit of tax. Experts in Udaipur of S K Nagda & Company, provides technical guidance about the TDS deduction.

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