Closure of Limited Company


The closing a Limited Compnay is known as strike off or company closure.

Company closure is done under newly notified rules Companies (Removal of Names of Companies) Rules, 2016 which governed by section 248 of Companies Act, 2013. Form STK 2 (Earlier form was FTE) along with the government fees and some necessary docs need to file.

To wind up the limited company, you need at least 75% consent of the shareholders/members of the company.

Further, one director is also needs to be notified to take care of all the responsibility for company closure. But prior to it the closure of company, Company need to clear all liability and to obtain NOC from them.

The next step is to prepare application and file the same with ROC through form STK - 2 (Earlier Form FTE). Apart from this the Notarised Indemnity Bond, Latest Statements of Accounts, Audited Financial Statement, Affidavit by the Director, Bank Account closure certification and signed resolution is also required. S K Nagda & Company is top CA in Udaipur Rajasthan for consultancy of Closure Limited Company

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