Consultant for subsidy of small business cold chain


The subsidies of government help the industries by letting the producers for producing more services and goods.

Getting qualified for the subsidies is not a simple task, so business people look for the best solution. To meet the requirements, our team of expert consultants help to claim it properly.

We are the top CA in Udaipur consulting and helping industries to avail Cold Chain, Value Addition, and Preservation Infrastructure scheme. It covers creation of infrastructure facility along the entire supply chain viz. pre-cooling, weighing, sorting, grading, waxing facilities at farm level, multi-product/ multi-temperature cold storage, CA storage, packing facility, IQF, blast freezing in the distribution hub and reefer vans, mobile cooling units for facilitating distribution of horticulture, organic produce, marine, dairy, meat, and poultry, etc. Before submitting the application, applicants should carefully read and understand Operational Guidelines of the relevant scheme available.

The following documents are required
  1. Land document required with NA permission.
  2. if we are applying for a cold chain scheme then required pollution controlled certificates.
  3. Details project report.
  4. Bank sanction letter with appraisal bank report.
  5. Details all quotations, Approve building maps with authorized persons.
  6. Estimates project cost CA, CE Civil, CE Mechanical Certificates.
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