TDS Payments due dates – a guide by Expert TDS consultants

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Forms for Filling TDS Returns

S No.Types of FormsParticular
1Form 24QQuarterly TDS statement for tax deducted on salary payments.
2  Form 27QQuarterly TDS statement for tax deducted while making payment, other than salary, to non-resident (not being a company), and foreign company.
3Form 26QQuarterly TDS statement for other cases like TDS deducted on professional fees, interest payments, etc.

However, if tax is deducted at source under Sections 194-IA and 194-IB, the deductor shall furnish a challan-cum-statement in Form 26QB and Form 26QC, respectively. The deductor should provide the challan-cum-statement within 30 days from the end of the month in which TDS is deducted. As an exception, no return is required separately in such cases.

Due Dates for TDS Payments & Filling of Quarter-IV TDS Return ( Year Ending on 31.03.2024)

Quarter  endingMonth of deductionDue dates for depositing TDS  
(FY 2023-24)*
TDS Return Due Date 
(FY 2023-24)
      31st March 2024January 20247th February 2024      31st May 2024
February 20247th March 2024
  March 20247th April 2024 (for tax deducted by govt. office)
30th April 2024 (for other deductors)

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