12A Registration


12A registration is a one-time registration which is granted by the Income Tax Department to Society, trusts, Section 8 company and other not for profit organisations. The main object of the of the registration is to be exempted from the payment of income tax. 12A registration is generally applied for immediately after incorporation. Section 8 Companies, Trusts and NGOs which have obtained 12A registration enjoy exemption from paying income tax on their surplus income. The 12A registration facility is available for all non-profit entities. Hence, it is necessary for all Trusts, NGOs and other Not-for-Profit organisations to be aware of Section 12A of the Income Tax Act. We at S K Nagda & co. provide best services for 12A registration in Udaipur.

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Required Documents

  1. Original PAN Card of Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
  2. Original Trust’s Deed/ MOA/ AOA
  3. Original Registration Certificate registered under any Charitable Act/any Other Act
  4. Photos of your Registered Office /Building along with Trust Name Board (2-3 Photos)
  5. Light bill of Registered Office
  6. Registered Office Address Proof:-
    –Self-owned property – Copy of electricity bill, landline bill, water bill, municipal khata copy, property tax receipt
    –Rented property – Rent agreement and No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the rented property (NOC on Stamp of Rs.100/-)
  7. Bank Account Details and Cancelled Cheque
  8. FRCA details & Certificate (If any)
  1. PAN Card, Aadhar Card & Passport size photograph of the all Governing Bodies Members/Trustees/Directors
  2. Annual progress report of Charitable Activities conducted by your Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
  3. Audited Financial Statement, Audit Report & ITR (if any), since inception or last-3 years
  4. Purchase of any assets other than donation-(For trust - any Land/Building & Other Assets)
  5. Any other document or Affidavit / Undertaking, if extra information is sought by the Income Tax Department for clarification/verification
  6. Details of old 80G & 12AA Certificate Granted/ Cancelled/ Rejected /Expired (If Any)
  7. Photographs & details of various Charitable/Religious Activities carried out by your Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
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