80 G Registration


Section 80G offers tax relief to the donor in his individual hands if he made donation to those trust, society or section 8 company which are registered under section 80G of the income tax act, 1961. All NGO's should avail the advantage of these provisions to attract potential donors. M/s S K Nagda & Co. is the best place to get the registration under section 80G in Udaipur.

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Required Documents

  1. Original PAN Card of Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
  2. Original Trust’s Deed/ MOA/ AOA
  3. Original Registration Certificate registered under any Charitable Act/any Other Act
  4. Photos of your Registered Office /Building along with Trust Name Board (2-3 Photos)
  5. Light bill of Registered Office
  6. Registered Office Address Proof:-
    –Self-owned property – Copy of electricity bill, landline bill, water bill, municipal khata copy, property tax receipt
    –Rented property – Rent agreement and No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the rented property (NOC on Stamp of Rs.100/-)
  7. Bank Account Details and Cancelled Cheque
  8. FRCA details & Certificate (If any)
  1. PAN Card, Aadhar Card & Passport size photograph of the all Governing Bodies Members/Trustees/Directors
  2. Annual progress report of Charitable Activities conducted by your Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
  3. Audited Financial Statement, Audit Report & ITR (if any), since inception or last-3 years
  4. Purchase of any assets other than donation-(For trust - any Land/Building & Other Assets)
  5. Any other document or Affidavit / Undertaking, if extra information is sought by the Income Tax Department for clarification/verification
  6. Details of old 80G & 12AA Certificate Granted/ Cancelled/ Rejected /Expired (If Any)
  7. Photographs & details of various Charitable/Religious Activities carried out by your Trust/Samiti/NGO’s/Sec-8 Company
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