Club Registration


A club is a voluntary association of individuals for social purposes of recreation or for advancement of such objects as donation, useful arts, politics, or protection and development of their common interest, etc. It has a definite organisation which continues in consistence for an undetermined time and is governed by certain rules, regulations, deed of settlement or bye-laws to which the members conform. A club may be a members club or a proprietary club. In the former case the properties of the club vest in the members, while in the latter case an individual or a firm or a limited company owns the property while the members are allowed to make use of that property on certain terms. The members' club may be an unincorporated society or may be registered under the Indian Companies Act, or Societies Registration Act. We can provide best service for club registration in Udaipur.

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Required Documents

  1. Photograph passport size of Founder/Managing Committee Members
  2. PAN of Founder/Managing Committee Members
  3. Address proof like Aadhar Card etc. of Founder/Managing Committee Members
  4. Address of proposed Shop/Office to be used as Registered Address of the Club
  5. List of Proposed Names of NGO
  1. Light bill of such Shop/Office proposed for Registered Address of the Club
  2. Ownership document of such Shop/Office as proposed for Registered Address of the Club (if owned)
  3. Rent Agreement of such Shop/Office proposed for Registered Address of the Club (if rented)
  4. List of Proposed Object of Club
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