Trade Mark Registration


A trademark is a name, initials or logo which sets your product apart from those of your competitors. A mark which distinguishes services is known as a service mark. Since yours is an e-commerce business, you need to ensure that you have a registered trademark to protect your logo against any form of counterfeits or malpractices. We at caonnet provides the best online services for Shop Act Registration in Udaipur.

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Required Documents

In case of Proprietorship concern –

  1. Two colour photos
  2. Pan Card
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. GST Certificate
  5. Udyam Registration (MSME)
  1. Bank Account Details
  2. Cancel Cheque
  3. Stamp of Rs. 100/-
  4. Logo/Mark of your Product (in Jpeg format)
  5. Nature & Class of Product

In case of other than Proprietorship concern –

  1. PAN Card of your Entity
  2. ROC/Entity Registration Certificate
  3. Other Certificate of your Entity
  4. Two colour photos of Authorised Person
  5. PAN Card of Authorised Person
  6. Aadhar Card of Authorised Person
  7. GST Certificate
  1. Udyam Registration (MSME)
  2. Bank Account details
  3. Cancelled Cheque
  4. Stamp of Rs. 100/-
  5. Logo/Mark of your Product (in Jpeg format)
  6. Nature & Class of Product
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