Trade Union Registration


Trade union can be defined as a group of people formed for their common goal or conman welfare. A trade union generally formed for making representation before statutory authorities for benefit of particular business segment. We are at CA ON NET- caonnet can provide best service for registration of Trade Union in Udaipur.

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Required Documents

  1. The particulars required under Sec5 (1)(c) of the Indian Trade Union Act, 1926 (given in the schedule I)
  2. a. Names, Occupations and Address of the Members making application

    b. The name of the Trade union and the Address of its Head Office

    c. The Titles, Names, Ages, Addresses and Occupations of the (office bearers) of the trade union as per format given in Schedule I appended to the Trade Unions Act 1926.

  3. Where a trade union is in existence for more than a year before making an application to the Registrar the application should be accompanied by a general statement of Assets and Liabilities of the trade union as per Schedule III appended to the Trade Unions Act 1926
  1. The particulars given in the schedule i.e. show the provision made in rules for the matters detailed under sec 6 of the Indian Trade Union Act, 1926
  2. The particulars required under Sec 5(2) of the Indian Trade Union Act, 1926 (given in schedule II)
  3. Undertaking
  4. Scanned Signature
  5. Resolution of General Meeting/Letter of Authority
  6. Address Proof of Establishment [Copy of Establishment’s Rent Agreement (if on rent) or Shop's Ownership Document Proof (if owner of establishment)]
  7. Affidavit (Declaration Form)
  8. Photo ID (PAN Card/Driving License/Aadhar Card/Passport)
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